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Nature’s Miracle Pet Bath Wipes 70 ct. Dispenser - by Nature’s Miracle

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Nature’s Miracle Pet Bath Wipes 70 ct. Dispenser

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■Pull out wipe and close canister lid.
■Wipe pet from head to end of tail.
■If needed, carefully wipe around ears and face.
■Use more than one wipe, if necessary.
■Wipe dirt off paws.
■Discard used wipes. DO NOT FLUSH.
NATURE’S MIRACLE Pet Wipes are the solution for keeping your pet clean and odor-free between baths and grooming appointments. Our easy-to-use wipes (5" x 8") clean deeply, working to eliminate tough odors, remove pet dander, and naturally moisturize your pet’s coat and paws. Reducing body odor and dander allows for fewer trips to the groomer and peace of mind for you. Nature’s Miracle Pet Wipes may be used on dogs, cats and other pets in need of cleaning and odor control between baths.