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Urr Pure Icelandic Formula Dog Food (12) 3.5oz Pouches

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Urr Pure Icelandic Formula Dog Food (12) 3.5oz Pouches

Urr Pure Icelandic Dog formula. Similar to the Murr Pure Icelandic Cat Formula, this formula was developed according to the Murr concept and is the first Dog Formula produced in our factory in Iceland. It is versatile in nature and is a result of a long term research. The dog and it´s wild relatives satisfy their nutritional needs by eating all parts of their prey. This nutritional imprinting is the result of evolution and the animal knows by instinct that it is important to eat both meat as well as the internal organs, such as liver and kidney. This is because of the fact that the internal organs are rich in essential nutrients. We at Murr know this and therefore use selected raw materials in the form of various organs and tissues from sheep, beef and pork.
Water sufficient for processing, lamb lungs, beef liver, beef lungs, pork lungs, lamb liver, lamb (meat), starch, pork kidneys, beef kidneys, lamb kidneys, potato fiber, calcite.