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Wapiti Labs Whole Elk Antlers Dog Chews - by Wapiti Labs

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Wapiti Labs Whole Elk Antlers Dog Chews

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Wapiti Labs Whole Elk Antlers Dog Chews

Elk antlers provide great taste and health benefits for dogs. Wapiti Labs Antlers are premium grade North American antlers that are naturally shed from ranch-raised elk. Male elk regrow antlers every year, making this a completely renewable source, no animals are harmed. Antlers are power washed, air dried and sanded to remove sharp edges for safety - no bleaching. These non-allergenic treats are 100% natural and do not contain fillers, sugars or preservatives. Available in harder whole chews or softer split chews with exposed marrow. Remember to always supervise your pet while using antler treats.

Key Benefits
•Natural source of essential minerals such as Calcium, Glucosamine, Iron & Potassium
•Supports bone, joint and muscle health
•Aids in kidney function & improved wound healing
•Cleans teeth - does not splinter or chip
•Typically lasts longer than a rawhide chew

Whole Elk Antler Sizes - Choose according to the size and chewing level of your dog. Recommended for dogs & puppies based on the weights below
•4-inch chew: Dogs from 5 to 40 pounds
•8-inch chew: Dogs 40 pounds and over
•X-Large 8-inch chew: Dogs over 110 pounds
* Trusted, farm raised elk from Minnesota
* 100% natural, no preservatives
* Great source of essential vitamins & minerals
* Supports bone, joint and muscle health
* For the toughest of chewers, less splintering
* Longest lasting chew on the market
* Five sizes available (Tips to SuperChunk)

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