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Lakse Kronch Pemmikan Energy Bars

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Pemmikan reduces the stress dogs encounter in dog shows and other similar situations, such as long waiting periods. It also makes the handling of the dog easier.

The effect of Pemmikan energy feed block sets in after approximately 30 minutes and it reaches its full effect after approx. one hour. Because of this, it may be advantageous to split the daily ration into several small portions to keep a constant performance. To see our test results TEST RESULTS

The Pemmikan energy feed block is also an excellent product for feeding undeweight dogs without over filling the stomach.

The Pemmikan energy feel block is divided into eight 50gm squares similar to a bar of chocolate for ease of field feeding. Each bar contains 400 grams.
Pemmikan is an energy feed block, which contails approx. 6000 Kcal/Kg. Pemmikan makes it possible to give your working dog a needed energy boost just before a demanding task without overfilling the dogs stomach.

Pemmikan energy bar was specialy formulated for working dogs such as gundogs, sledge dogs and working police dogs. It is now used world wide for trialing dogs too.

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