Vital Tabs A Nutritional Antioxidant 100 Tabs

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Vital Tabs is a combination of nutrients designed to aid the animal's defenses against the oxidation of body cells. This oxidation process causes deterioration and degeneration of those vital cells of the body. Vital Tabs contain those natural antioxidants known to aid the delay, stabilization, and prevention of fatty substance oxidation in individual cells. This fatty material is essential for good health and cellular vitality.

Recent studies indicate that oxidation causes aging in our pets, most often affecting the liver, kidneys, and muscles. Vital Tabs aid your pet's natural body processes in the prevention of muscle weakness and liver and kidney diseases in both young and old animals.

If your pet is sluggish, drinks excessive amounts of water, has a poor appetite, weight loss, and intermittent vomiting, he or she may have a liver or kidney disease caused by cellular oxidation. Ask your veterinarian to test for liver or kidney disease and, if present, give Vital Tabs the opportunity to help your pet. Colitis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the colon, can also be corrected by daily administration of Vital Tabs.

Like all our products, Vital Tabs contain only natural ingredients: stabilized tocopherol, the nutrients of wheat germ, yeast, and selenium in the proportions to aid in optimum antioxidation of cells and tissues. No fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients are ever used.

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