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Essex Cottage Farms Adult Dog Regular Health Mixers

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YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE BEST! Developed and tested over the past 15 years, our superior food has been used on generation of dogs. It has proven to be the ultimate in canine nutrition, as it restores health and vigor to dogs of all ages. This HOLISTIC food/diet formulation – stimulates appetite, and improves digestion, coat, skin, attitude, trauma recovery, helps build stronger joints, and strengthens your dogs immune system. Remember to purchase our Pure Alfalfa when ordering.
Human Grade Stone Ground: whole ground brown rice, whole ground oats, sprouted barley, organic whole ground blue corn, organic whole ground kamut, wheat germ (toasted), cultured milk powder, pure Acadian sea kelp, calcium carbonate (organic shell), whole apple (dried) whole ground carob, nutritional yeast, ginger root, parsley, herbs: rosemary, marjoram & oregano.

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