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NuPro Custom Electrolyte Formula Dog Supplement - by NuPro

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NuPro Custom Electrolyte Formula Dog Supplement

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NuPro Custom Electrolyte Formula Dog Supplement

Electrolyte Formula was developed with balanced ratios of all minerals essential for optimum health and performance during stressful conditions. A necessary part of your dog's nutritional program. Extremely effective in warmer climates and on hot summer days.

•THE NIGHT BEFORE A STRESSFUL EVENT: Mix required dosage into dogs water or food.
•EVENT DAY: Mix into dogs water or food before and after any strenuous activity and/or exercise to support normal hydration.
•MAINTENANCE: Especially for high activity and working dogs, make sure these animals get electrolytes either in food or water at least twice a week to maintain healthy and normal fluid balance in the body tissues.
•Can be used with NUPRO® All Natural Dog Supplements.
Potassium Chloride | Sodium Chloride | Phosphorous Chelate | Calcium Aspartate | Magnesium Aspartate | Zinc Aspartate | Copper Aspartate | Iron Chelate | Iodine Chelate | Selenium Chelate | A (Beta Carotene) | C (DL-Alpha Tocopheryl) | Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

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