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EVO Herring & Salmon Cat & Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food - by Evo

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EVO Herring & Salmon Cat & Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food

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EVO Herring & Salmon Cat & Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food

The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition. Traditionally, dry pet foods required a significant concentration of grains and carbohydrate-rich ingredients to aid in the manufacturing of a crunchy kibble pet food. Natura challenged this tradition, and developed unique manufacturing processes to create the first-ever grain free, low carbohydrate dry pet food. Removing grains and dropping carbs leads to many benefits for our beloved four-legged friends.

The protein in EVO is derived from premium quality fish products that are highly digestible, highly palatable and provide maximum nutrient absorption. The all natural ingredients in EVO cat foods include essential vitamins, minerals, and other key building blocks that encourage strong bones and muscles.

EVO Herring and Salmon Formula Dry Cat Food is grain free. By removing ALL grain from the diet, EVO minimizes starch or carbohydrate intake while maximizing the concentration of protein. In fact, EVO provides high-quality protein at a level that is among the highest available anywhere. In addition, EVO also contains a source of viable, naturally occurring microorganisms and has both linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) and omega-3 fatty acids.

EVO Benefits:
•Grain free for when extra carbs and grain intolerances are a concern
•High levels of protein from quality meat, poultry and fish
•Excellent palatability
•Skin and coat health
•High digestibility and decreased waste
•Energy and nutrient-dense
•Formulated with added antioxidant vitamins
•Fortified with vitamins and minerals
Herring, salmon meal, salmon, herring meal, peas, eggs, herring oil, pea fiber, natural flavors, apples, sunflower oil, carrots, cottage cheese, dried chicory root, DL Methionine, minerals, vitamins and direct-fed microbials.

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