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Healthy Dogma Mushroom Magic Chewable Wafers - by Healthy Dogma

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Healthy Dogma Mushroom Magic Chewable Wafers

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Healthy Dogma Mushroom Magic Chewable Wafers

Whether your dog is in perfect health or feeling under the weather, maintaining a strong immune system is vital to your beloved pet’s health. And since your dog doesn’t walk into the kitchen and pop his daily vitamin C, he relies on you to make sure that he is getting all of the key nutrients he needs and requires to stay healthy.

Mushroom Magic™ contains mushroom extracts to help your dog maintain a healthy immune system. Mushroom Magic™ is fortified with colostrum, a nutrient-rich dietary agent derived from cow's milk that contains more than three-dozen immune factors. Mushroom Magic™ also contains immunoglobulins, essential amino acids and proteins, all of which help to support immune health.
Organic Agaricus blazei 25 mg

Organic Lentinula edodes 25 mg

Cordyceps sinesis hybrid 25 mg

Organic Grifola fromdosa 25 mg

Organic Coriolus versicolor 25 mg

Colostrum HGCE 30 (milk) 75 mg

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