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The Doggiefood.com Story

Hello I am Tony Gabriele, the founder and Chief Nutritional Officer here at DoggieFood.com, one of the oldest online retailers in the industry.

We are 98 years old in dog years and approaching a century of great service. DoggieFood.com has been providing excellent nutrition at a great value to tens of thousands of pet parents for over 14 years.

Not one of our competitors can make that claim!

Prior to founding DoggieFood.com, my dog who was my companion and my best friend developed cancer. Devastated by that news, I began extensive research into the nutrition of pets and created a diet that prolonged my dog’s life. It was at that moment 14 years ago that I decided to bring this knowledge to pet parents everywhere, and that’s when Doggiefood.com was born. 14 years later we have shipped over 30 Million pounds of food to some of the best and most loyal customers!

I would like to THANK each and every customer for your support over the years!

Tony Gabriele



Hours of Operation


Corporate Head Quarters
161 Comstock Parkway
Cranston, RI 02921
Tel 877.364.4430